Do cloud services

replace my IT staff?

No. IT optimizes time (less on phones & video).

What are
cloud services?

Subscription access to applications.

Why is cloud
important to me?

Expense control, agility, and flexibility.

Simple. Affordable. Flexible.

Subscriptions for voice, business video & contact centers


  • Interagency collaboration
  • Telework and field productivity
  • Cost control
  • Secure public safety alerts
  • Platform for constituent services


  • Predictable monthly spend
  • VoIP, HD business video, mobile
  • Single number reach
  • Client care via email, web, chat
  • Cost savings for training, events


  • Investment protection
  • Uptime and disaster recovery
  • BYOD and TelePresence
  • Contact center recording & more
  • Modular subscriptions


  • Expense reduction with BYOD
  • Student engagement
  • Flipped classrooms, virtual trips
  • Notification, paging & HD video
  • Fully P 1 E-rate qualified
About Us

TeleSpaceSM  delivers HD business voice, HD video and Customer Journey applications via TeleSpace Cloud Service subscriptions running on its Quad Core Network™. Predictable spend, greater uptime and an integrated experience are ensured with this world-class network designed using Cisco® architectures and bolstered with industry-leading security, geo-redundancy, dual auto-recovery systems, and carrier-neutral access.