Contact Center Changes

Evolution of Contact Center Apps: Which Ones Are Moving to the Cloud?

HR issues have historically been the biggest concerns for contact center managers. But today, the focus is on measuring and improving customer satisfaction – and tying it to profitability. These leaders know their current technology is either hurting the organization, or at least keeping it from moving forward strategically. And to strengthen customer satisfaction and revenue, they have begun focusing on agent efficiency improvements. However, a more strategic choice is to drive agent effectiveness – especially given increasing volumes of interactions and agents.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????Most contact centers have already implemented headsets, call recording, IP infrastructure, ACD/PBX functionality, email, touchtone IVR, and MIS in an on-premise environment. Many are also planning to quickly add workforce management, web chat, outbound dialing, a customer service mobile application, analytics, and automated speech recognition.

Yet the shift to cloud-based contact centers — driven both by cost savings (e.g., average of 27% lower annual contact center costs vs. on-premise) and quick access to extended functionality – is giving them a strong business case for moving traditional functionality to the cloud. The most common cloud applications in contact centers today are:

  • call routing
  • CRM/agent desktop
  • call recording
  • workforce optimization
  • outbound dialer
  • analytics
  • automated speech recognition

And since 40% of agents’ time is normally spent doing something other than talking to customers, self-service applications are great for low-value tasks (e.g., capturing data to properly identify and route a customer), while allowing highly-paid agents to focus on more profitable, difficult work.

TeleSpace is able to simplify the options. We offer customizable packaging of the contact center applications you want – in a hosted environment that is securely separated from all of our other customers. Market-leading specialty applications — such as those from Bucher+Suter (CRM integration), eGain (email, web chat and co-browse), Calabrio (recording voice calls & screen captures, workforce management and analytics), Nuance (self-service interactive voice response and speech recognition), and Acqueon (outbound dialer) — are already integrated with our cloud services.