Quad Core Network

TeleSpace Cloud Service subscriptions run on our Quad Core Network. This world-class network was designed using Cisco reference architectures and then bolstered with state-of-the-art security, geo-redundancy, dual auto recovery, scalability, carrier-neutral access, and aggressive uptime guarantees. It’s no wonder TeleSpace is lauded by Cisco as a Master Cloud Service Provider. 


Cisco Powered

Our cloud network design incorporated the Cisco Virtual Multiservice Data Center reference architecture standards for Unified Communications, TelePresence, and Contact Center applications running in the cloud. This services architecture unifies management of both multiple applications inside a single domain (e.g., call processing, messaging, presence, instant messaging, and auto-attendant) and multiple, integrated functional domains.


TeleSpace supports the most recent Cisco Collaboration portfolio, including Unified Communications Manager and the associated advanced voice, messaging, conferencing, presence, and mobility applications, as well as TelePresence and contact center functionality for entities of all sizes. TeleSpace also supports integration into existing OSS, BSS, and manager-of-manager (MOM) systems. And as part of Cisco’s Early Field Trial team, we are constantly working with Cisco on upcoming versions of their portfolio.


Exceptional Security

The TeleSpace Quad Core Network uses state-of-the-art security, including unmarked fault-tolerant site locations, hand and fingerprint access only by authorized personnel, fire-suppression technology, and intrusion protection at the data packet level. We also serve each and every customer using dedicated, virtual applications so you get software and scaling efficiencies committed for use by your organization only, while gaining the horsepower of shared, carrier-class hardware. Furthermore, our design leverages best practices and security frameworks that Cisco developed over the last 25 years while working with major corporations, service providers, and government entities worldwide.


Trail-blazing Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Operations

Geo-redundancy across ring of 3 data centers. Our cloud services ensure high availability of your data, the applications on which it runs, and user profile information — well beyond a simple backup of your files on an external hard drive. Unlike most cloud providers, TeleSpace built a data center “ring” across 3 distinct, carefully-selected locations that were deemed “fault-tolerant” by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Administration. In the event of an outage at any of our data centers, your information can be seamlessly accessed from the other sites.


Dual auto recovery at each data center. Inside each data center, there are several layers of redundancy spanning backup generators and uninterruptible power systems, dual power grids, dual diesel fuel tanks, and backup chillers. These data centers also use state-of-the-art fire suppression technology to catch sparks and help mitigate damage.


N+2 scalability. Unlike most cloud providers, TeleSpace further houses a complete set of duplicate hot standby equipment (including dual/triple power supplies, supervisor engines, and processing line cards) at each data center. This design allows you to scale cloud services as needed with an unlimited number of connections, seamless additions, and automatic configuration of additional hardware. It also enables load balancing and provides protection against hardware or software failures that might normally cause a loss of service.


Carrier-Neutral Benefits and Aggressive Uptime Guarantees

TeleSpace operates carrier-neutral data centers with direct POP connections from multiple carriers. For customers, this means you start with a choice in how you connect to our Quad Core Network. More importantly, this capability – unique to TeleSpace – also ensures seamless, uninterrupted cloud service delivery since we have access to multiple Tier 1 and 2 carriers and can alternate between them as a means of reacting to, or recovering from, an individual carrier failure (including price hikes).


We also emphasize Service Operations quality, process, and efficiency with all certified technical engineers in our Network Operations Center (NOC) who monitor carriers and our data centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And customer tickets are triaged upon receipt, ensuring all customers receive the level of care they require when facing a critical issue. Best of all, our support operations are backed by one of the industry’s most aggressive service level agreements, including 99.99% service and infrastructure uptime guarantees.