SMB Insights

Small and Midsize Businesses  

In recent years, the tide has changed for SMB organizations that have traditionally managed their IT systems in one of 3 primary ways:  outsource IT completely, pay 3rd party vendors to manage their on-premise network, or manage the network themselves. With the crunch to do more with less, and with leadership focused on cash flow, cloud services have become a very compelling option.

  • IT gets excited that they can focus on on-time delivery of strategic projects (versus more mundane activities like ensuring that video conference equipment works properly)
  • Finance loves per-user pricing that makes monthly expenses more consistent (while reducing unwanted capital outlay spikes for expensive IT infrastructure upgrades)
  • Business leaders are thrilled with the built-in disaster recovery capabilities and knowledge that team collaboration can be more effective/efficient with current technology


According to The Wall Street Journal (June 11, 2013), “…corporations [and] governments now have the comfort level from a security perspective [and] the return on investment is clear to move to the cloud.” Forrester’s December 2013 study [PDF download] further explains why SMB companies are planning to move their communications systems to the cloud.

As you explore cloud, and the strategy that’s right for your organization, please invite TeleSpace to the table. We are happy to share our insights, as well as help you make a reasonably-accurate cost comparison between traditional communications systems management and our cloud services – since proposal pricing for on-premise system upgrades does not reflect many costs that you (the customer) have to absorb, and which are actually removed or reduced with TeleSpace cloud services.