Cloud, on premise, or hybrid

Q: What are the main differences between cloud and traditional premise-based solutions?

Organizations primarily choose cloud services for the following reasons: (1) to shift costs from CapEx to OpEx; (2) to speed secure access to new applications; (3) to gain business continuity vs. the cost of hourly downtime; (4) to streamline IT support & maintenance; and (5) to offload non-mission-critical IT workloads.  Traditional on-premise solutions offer precise, physical control over every aspect of the system; however, there are significant drawbacks in having to keep pace with new protocols, equipment, system changes, and even facilities, insurance, heating and cooling tied to housing the on-premise network supporting the non-mission-critical IT workloads.

Q: How long does it take to bring TeleSpace cloud services online for use after they are ordered?

At some of its most basic levels, TeleSpace cloud services can typically be deployed within a month. For other subscriptions, deployment can be longer, depending on factors such as how you want to connect to our service, any associated readiness of your network, procurement delays with desired endpoints like phones or video products, and even delays tied to carrier MPLS connections.

Q: What are the security risks of using cloud services?

Most cloud networks are designed with more security than traditional, on-premise IT departments can afford. However, it is important to inquire about the security measures and design of the cloud network provider you are considering. The TeleSpace cloud network is co-located in unmarked sites with top Tier 1 and 2 carriers. It is protected by state-of-the-art security firewalls and delivers a separate hosted environment inside the cloud network for each TeleSpace customer. Moreover, TeleSpace invokes a packet-level intrusion protection system and is currently engaged with a third-party auditing firm to ensure PCI, HIPAA and SOC reporting compliance.

Equipment and Financing

Q: Which TelePresence endpoints are supported on TeleSpace cloud services?

TeleSpace supports the entire Cisco TelePresence endpoint portfolio – from the EX60 and EX90 personal desktop series and Cisco 8xxx and 9xxx series video-enabled IP phones, to the larger Cisco multi-purpose room and immersive systems. In addition, Cisco SX integration kits can convert any flat-panel display into a TelePresence endpoint, and TeleSpace cloud services are in use with such endpoints. For non-Cisco video endpoints that are compliant with H.323 industry standards (e.g., Polycom and LifeSize), TeleSpace cloud services can still be accessed; yet the levels of high-definition pixilation are pre-determined by those video endpoint manufacturers and may be somewhat lower than the quality of Cisco endpoints accessing our cloud services.