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Productivity drives success, yet modernizing a communications system for improved collaboration typically raises concerns over large CapEx outlays, leases of quickly-outdated equipment, and maintaining expertise on mobile operating systems, complex video networking, and advancements in customer interaction tools. With TeleSpace, these risks are removed and your organization gains affordable access to current business voice, HD video and contact center technologies – all in a predictable monthly subscription.


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS PDF)

Standard business communications platforms today support what is known as the “unified workspace” since they seamlessly integrate functionality for a consistent user experience while working.

  • Voice over IP (i.e., modern digital telephony)
  • Messaging (voicemail converted to email and sent to desktops/phones)
  • IM (instant messaging or chat sessions)
  • Presence (someone’s availability for an IM, call or meeting)
  • Desktop and mobile TelePresence (HD business video on desktop units and mobile devices)

A TeleSpace UCaaS subscription can give a single business user access to the referenced functions on up to 10 different endpoints, as long as they are SIP- or H.323-compliant. Over 90% of endpoints meet this criteria, including most phones and video equipment from Cisco®, Polycom, and LifeSize®, as well as devices running on popular operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry®, Microsoft®, and Google.

Let us help streamline your initiatives for new-hire onboarding, office openings and expansions, platform consolidation, and disaster recovery.


TelePresence as a Service (TPaaS PDF)


High-definition business video (also known as TelePresence) has become the hallmark of customer-centric organizations. They know face-to-face communication is essential for clarifying information, developing trust, and streamlining decisions. And there’s good news for finance and IT executives who pause when evaluating costs and management of a video network.

With TeleSpace, you can access HD business video capabilities from any existing Cisco, Polycom®, LifeSize, or other SIP- and H.323-compliant video endpoints. In addition, you can provide video experiences that complement a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) corporate policy since TeleSpace TPaaS subscriptions cover all use cases (from desktops to mobile devices to conference rooms and external B2B connections). Our multipoint functionality allows 3 or more parties to dial into a secure “rendezvous room,” which can be a dedicated or shared virtual meeting room resource.

Find out which options are right for you, including whether to start with TPaaS alone or seamlessly blend it with UCaaS and CCaaS subscriptions.


Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS PDF)

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How easy is it to do business with you? The answer directly impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty and referrals. So giving customers a choice in how to engage (from interactive voice response to email, web and real-time chat) and finding the right expert instantly is critical. Equally important to your business reputation is quality monitoring and recording, ensuring scalability during high-volume periods, and a dedicated infrastructure to support customer privacy. TeleSpace has subscriptions to support any size contact center.

For a truly modern experience, we also offer customizable text-to-speech functionality in various dialects. What’s more, TeleSpace can provide speech analytics that help determine why customers are calling, why they might be dissatisfied, and areas for improving customer service agent performance.

Your customers’ happiness is a common goal we share. So talk with us today about the right strategy to ensure your contact center contributes to organizational success in a very significant way.

Learn about the Quad Core Network supporting these services.