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Delivering Innovation in a Difficult Market

Today’s educational institutions need to respond quickly to increasing demands from students and faculty, while coping with fixed or declining budgets and staff. In this challenging environment, cloud-based computing has become an increasingly attractive option for delivering education services more securely, reliably, and economically.

The TeleSpace P1 delivers an integrated architecture that helps educators deliver highly-secure, cloud-based services.

Benefits of P1 for Education include:

  • Reshaping teaching by extending interactive multimedia learning environments to anyone, anywhere
  • Accelerating delivery of administrative services
  • Simplifying operations, saving time, and cutting cost
  • Reducing risk and strengthening security

TeleSpace’s P1 Unified Communications & Collaboration Services

As an Interconnected VOIP provider (IVOIP) TeleSpace P1 is fully compliant and eligible for P1 E-rate funding as a P1 Internet Access provider. To assist in the process, TeleSpace will work with your team in filling-out the necessary forms to achieve funding. Additionally, TeleSpace will provide all necessary services and compliance with all regulatory obligations outlined by the FCC, including but not limited to:

  • E-911 Support: Is a location technology that will enable mobile, or cellular, phones to process 911 emergency calls and enable emergency services to locate the geographic position of the caller.
  • Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Access via SIP Trunking: The interconnection where IP access becomes available via PSTN
  • Local Number Portability (LNP): Allowing customers┬áto retain their local phone number if they switch to another local telephone service provider.
  • Customer proprietary network information (CPNI): compliance that ensures data is collected about user calls including, time, date, duration and destination number of each call, the type of network a consumer subscribes to, and any other information required by law.
  • Disconnect and Outage Reporting Compliance: support for February 21, 2012 FCC order for mandatory disconnect and outage reporting requirements.
  • Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) and Access for the Disabled Contribution Compliance: TeleSpace will collect and settle the uniform charge imposed upon each business and residential access line to fund the Telecommunications Relay Services for Disabled Telephone Users program.
  • Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA): compliance to assist law enforcement and intelligence agencies to conduct electronic surveillance by to provide built-in surveillance capabilities, allowing federal agencies to monitor all telephone, broadband internet, and VoIP traffic in real-time.
  • Plus All additional required fees such as; FCC Regulatory Fees, Inter-Carrier Compensation and Universal Service Fund Contributions