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TeleSpace is a leading provider of Cloud based communications services, Collaboration tools, and other Public Sector IT Support Services to SLED Government Agencies. Our unique business structure combined with our strong contract management and extensive technical background has enabled us to provide IT equipment and value added services along with the best qualified sales and technical support at the most competitive prices in the business today.

TeleSpace’s dedicated Public Sector team is focused on providing infrastructure and foundation solutions for the successful deployment of our Government and Education customer’s initiatives in Security, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Classrooms/Learning and more.

Purchase products and IT solutions, and take advantage of our easy-to-use ordering process, specialized staff, and our competitive government pricing.

Improving Government Efficiency by increasing Collaboration and Communication

Committed to providing evermore relevant and responsive services, governments like yours are exploring ways to transcend limitations. Strained budgets, antiquated communications systems, and a retiring workforce threaten to undermine the quality of services you seek to deliver. As your constituents become increasingly reliant on the ready, online conveniences offered by the private sector, what can you do to keep pace?

Connect Those Who Know with Those Who Need to Know

The good news is that you can apply your existing investment to a citizen-centric model which helps connect people to people, and answers to questions. Rather than relying on individual departments with separate, nonintegrated responsibilities, you can establish an agile environment where your staff can share information and draw on the knowledge of subject matter experts worldwide. That means, in just a matter of seconds, you can precisely address a constituent’s need with a simplicity and efficiency that you have never had before. Cisco®

Unified Communications makes this all possible by bringing people and information together. This versatile, feature-rich communications portfolio gives you the advanced tools you need to improve:

  • Flexibility: Enables faster change and the capability to provide innovative services now and in the future
  • Collaboration: Fosters productivity through information sharing within/across government agencies
  • Security: Integrates with network security and policy controls to deliver reliable, secure, and resilient collaboration for voice, video, and data