Video in the Cloud

High-Definition Video Uses with Real Impact

Many businesses who use Cisco WebEx for quick collaboration are recognizing a complementary need for high-definition video services. For example, a doctor cannot adequately discuss x-rays with a specialist over a small video strip on a laptop. So when evaluating your own business culture, consider what might be well-suited for cost-effective video cloud services.

  • Strengthened relationships

Briefing centers for prospective customers
Internal company-wide meetings
Ongoing customer outreach and loyalty programs

  • Access to expert resources

Face-to-face banking
Retail consultations while customer is in the store
Remote healthcare diagnosis and treatment advice
HR recruiting tool for out-of-town candidates

  • Distance learning and training

21st century workshops, field trips, virtual classrooms
Training and team onboarding sessions

  • Faster product development / time to market with less travel

Design creation in one location, manufacturers in another

In addition to internal and external business-class video functionality, TeleSpace can seamlessly incorporate related applications, such as video call recording and storage (for on-demand viewing and/or archive purposes), Cisco Show and Share (for video content capture/transform/share), and Vyopta’s vAnalytics (to better understand video usage).