Why Cloud?

Benefits of Cloud Services vs. On-Premise Solutions

At their most basic level, cloud services give organizations access to business applications running on someone else’s network (i.e., a network owned and managed by a cloud provider). And in a “do more with less” world, organizations are turning away from expensive on-premise (onsite) network upgrades in favor of letting cloud providers shoulder some or all of those costs. Cloud services allow IT groups to focus on on-time delivery of more strategic projects, while Finance gains more consistent cash flow management (including reduction or elimination of hidden costs that on-premise providers would prefer you don’t assess — since that could expose why their pricing can, at first blush, look more attractive than cloud).

What’s more, on‐premise communication systems traditionally have had only a few perceived advantages over cloud services. The two most often cited are increased security and greater control over these systems. However, in reality, cloud providers spend more money, time, and resources on security than virtually any of their customers do. In almost every respect, the only real advantage to an on‐premise solution is precise and physical control over every aspect of the system. Yet, if the total cost of ownership in cloud services is less expensive and the cloud provider can support your needs, does physical systems control justify the cost and expertise required for an integrated on-premise voice, business video, and contact center solution?

In many cases, on-premise solutions require high capital investments to get all of the hardware and software installed and everyone trained on the new system. Plus, operation includes regular upgrades (and the corresponding undesirable spikes in capital outlay) to keep pace with the latest protocols and innovations. Yet  if those regular upgrades are not made, or if disaster strikes, then your organization risks its entire investment suddenly becoming obsolete and requiring an even higher capital investment to get back online.

Eliminate Duplicity, Save Money, Gain Uptime

So how can cloud services be less expensive? Since multiple organizations are accessing a single cloud provider’s network, there is little need to duplicate equipment. Businesses are, in effect, time-sharing the infrastructure (not the applications or data) with others; whereas, on-premise systems involve dedicated equipment, a corresponding higher ongoing capital investment, and guaranteed needs to finance system upgrades. Moreover, with on-premise systems, you either pay your own staff to maintain the system and their expertise levels, or a consultant is required to perform regular system assessments, maintenance and repairs. And of course, there are those “hidden costs” that you normally would absorb, yet with cloud, they can be significantly reduced or eliminated — and we are happy to discuss them with you as you build your cloud strategy.

Bottom line:  These types of expenses become ours to manage across multiple customers and our R&D enhancements can be stronger for the organizations subscribing to services that leverage our cloud network. Moreover, because we can upgrade and install new features with a “click of the mouse,” your TeleSpace Cloud Services (maintained in a private environment for your organization inside our cloud) can stay current without typical on-premise downtime for such updates.

No More Technology Obsolescence

In traditional situations, when telecommunications or video equipment is purchased or leased, there is no guarantee that the equipment vendor will stay abreast of the latest technology, or that new technology will be compatible with older systems, or that lease agreements can be terminated easily. And with dynamic changes in mobile devices, social media platforms, related equipment capabilities, and concerns over interoperability, it is quite common for organizations to lack in-house expertise across this myriad of business collaboration systems, installations, and maintenance.

The simple fact is that, with TeleSpace Cloud Services, there is clear value in increased uptime. And secure, instant access to cutting-edge functionality across your voice, business video, and contact center tools ensures that business units are more satisfied, and your customers reap the rewards.